HYGGElia is an online store offering baby cots, beds for adults and amazing accessories for beds and interiors. Through the site they can You can equip your home with extraordinary and ergonomic furniture, accessories that will take care of you for a healthy sleep and cozy atmosphere of the household.

Our offer is a wide range of products perfectly matching the Scandinavian style, industrial or classic. These include beautiful "house" style beds Scandinavian, classic beds for children and adults, soft to the touch rugs, pleds, blankets, or tasteful lighting.

The name HYGGElia derives from the Danish word "hygge" meaning silence, peace, harmony. Danes associated for many years with Lego bricks or Metallica team created a new trend (state of mind), which is based on calmness, finding peace through joy that small daily pleasures bring. That's why our guiding idea is giving our clients peace, joy or family spending time together, too through cozy beds and subtle additions.

Thanks to our beds, you will be able to create a family comfort zone at home, which will bring all family members closer to each other during play or after hardships The whole day will soothe the nerves and allow for a regenerative sleep.

HYGGElia - "Silent haven for your dreams".